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Heart of Our Community

  • UTAH # 1 – Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!

    It seems like every week or so Utah wins another award for being a great place to live.  But these awards are just the tip of the iceberg.  In reality, what makes Utah great are the great people who live here.  View more

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  • Valerie's Story - Posted September 30, 2015

    Valerie was talented, smart, ambitious, and beginning to feel like her dreams and goals were out of reach. She was attending the University of Utah and barely scraping by financially. Her small sewing and design business provided minimal income and she worried constantly about how she would pay even one more semester’s tuition. Then one of her professors suggested she look into Utah Individual Development Account Network (UIDAN). Click here to view Valerie's story
  • Robbies's Story - Posted September 23, 2015

    "I was sick of going to funerals,” said Robbie Bills, “I know that I can’t stop it from ever happening again, but I can make a difference.” As an accomplished recovering addict himself he knew that he could help others struggling with addiction and he knew that he could do it more affordably. When it comes to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, Salt Lake City didn’t have many options until Robbie Bills made the decision to open a sober living home called Balance House designed to help its clients succeed in life. Click here to view Robbie's story

  • Leandro's Story - Posted September 16, 2015

    Born and raised in the agricultural land of La Huerta, Mexico, Leandro knew he wanted more for his family. He had learned basic farming skills from his father, but life was so hard. So he packed up his family and moved to the United States, eventually making his way to Salt Lake City in search of the American dream. Leandro soon learned that life in the U.S. was hard as well. He tried his hand at multiple jobs including breeding and raising horses and working in a bakery but he dreamed of owning his own business. The problem was he didn’t know where to start. Then one day he heard a story on the radio about the Pete Suazo Business Center and called to make an appointment. Click here to view Leandro's story
  • Anisa and Asma's Story - Posted September 9, 2015

    Born in Utah to Somali refugees who escaped to Kenya, twin sisters, Anisa and Asma, faced many of the same challenges had they been born in Somali. As small children they spoke limited English and the cultural divide was tremendous. According to Anisa, “I may have been born here, but I felt like a refugee growing up.” Their greatest struggle was the English language barrier. When the girls were six years old, their journey became a little easier when they were each assigned a Big Sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Click here to view Anisa and Asma's story

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