UBA Development Programs

The Utah Bankers Association is excited to offer a series of development programs designed to help advance budding talent within Utah's banking industry.  The three intense learning experience programs, taught by subject experts in each of these specialized areas are convenient, timely and cost-effective by offering lower in-state travel expense. These interactive annual programs, modeled after the UBA’s extremely successful Executive Development Program (EDP), are an important part of the UBA’s ongoing effort to help develop leaders, building a strong future for the banking industry in Utah.

Commercial Lending Development Program (CLDP)

The CLDP focuses on cultivating a strong foundation in the dynamic and demanding commercial lending arena by identifying key skills required to perform the specialist function of assessing businesses for loan purposes. The CLDP builds on existing skills and knowledge to provide an overview of all aspects associated with the assessment, type and structure of the loan, as well as building relationships with new and existing clients.  This program is designed for commercial loan officers, relationship managers, business development officers, private bankers and credit analysts looking to take their skills to the next level.

2016 class dates:  August 31-September 1, 2016; October 3-4, 2016; November 2, 18, 2016; December 12, 14, 2016
Cost:  $2,250 for 8 classes
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Small Business Banker Development Program (SBBDP)

Small business owners want more than checking accounts and loans from their bank; they want business-savvy bankers who understand their business and can make recommendations to help them be more efficient with their time and money. For the SBBDP, the UBA has teamed with three national small business-banking experts to develop this six-session program to help Utah bankers aggressively pursue this profitable market segment and serve small businesses effectively.

The SBBDP features time-tested skills that provide bankers with the ability to capture, and keep, a business owner’s loyalty and trust. This program is designed for branch managers, small business bankers, relationship managers, business development officers, and any banker who works with small businesses. Credit administrators who analyze and approve these deals would also benefit.

2017 class dates:  January 24,-25, 2017; February 15-16, 2017; March 2, 16, 2017 
Cost: $1,950 for 6 classes
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Credit Analyst Development Program (CADP)

The CADP is intended to help credit analysts, consumer and mortgage lenders, personal bankers, business development officers, loan documentation specialists, and retail branch managers develop the basic analytical and specialized skills needed to effectively support the commercial or business lending functions in the bank.  This comprehensive program includes sessions on the role of a credit analyst; a refresher on basic accounting; review of personal and business tax returns; basic financial analysis tools, specific types of lending activity and loan structures; and documentation and compliance requirements.

2017 class dates:  April 12-13, 2017; May 9-10, 2017; June 15-16, 2017
Cost:  $1,950 for 6 classes
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